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The factory is located in the northern part of Portugal, in Barcelos, with only a 30 minute drive from the airport in Porto. This makes it easy for our clients to visit, which has proven highly appreciated.

Our location is also the main reason why we’re able to secure 3-5 day delivery time to our clients, once production is finished.

The northern part of Portugal has a long standing history of being the prominent provider of textiles to the European and North American market, which shows with the wide range of well qualified craftsmen being situated there.

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We aim to help brands  with development of their products in the best way possible. Our vision is to become the preferred manufacturer for European and North American clothing companies, by delivering a product that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our clients are British, Danish, Swedish, German, Belgian, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, French, North American and Portuguese

Our company uses a mixture of in-house production and subcontractors. The idea being to let specialists do what they do best. Elements like prints, textile sourcing and embroideries are done by subcontractors in order to ensure the best possible finish, color management and high capacity. Most other elements are done in-house: Developing molds for styles, cutting garments, sewing, confection, washing, quality control and packaging.

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We work with men, women and children’s clothing. Offering a lot of casual wear like tshirts, sweatshirts, polos, dresses, jackets, shirts, boxershorts ect. We have very reasonable price points, and RTG Textiles’ core competency is to focus on quality products, smaller quantities, reliable deliveries and productions conducted with high ethical and moral standards.

Sample and collection development is a huge part of modern clothing businesses which is why RTG Textiles has a whole department solely dedicated to developing samples and securing in-time production. This also includes a whole line in the cutting and sewing areas booked exclusively for sample production.

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Fast delivery

3-5 day delivery from product completion to everywhere in Europe. Our advantageous location provides us with quick deliveries to all our European clients.

Quality Control

With high focus on quality products, we have several full time controllers that make sure all is following the requested measurements through every step of production.

Key Location

Located in the centre of textile production  of Portugal. We have a dream of becoming the preferred manufacturer in clothing production for European and North American clients.


With more than 10 years of experience in the clothing industry, we're well equipped to handle any assignments. We make everything from basic cuts to advanced fashion silhouettes. At RTG Textiles we value tight communication between us and our clients securing continuous information on all aspects of the production whenever needed.

Being flexible and able to handle a wide range of products, we can produce the majority of most collections. Controlling all aspects of the production, our team of young English speaking employees.  Oveerseeing that elements like labels, buttons, designs etc. are distributed correctly ensuring an identical product identity, regardless of collection diversity and number of product groups.

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